Directors and biographical details

Andrew Bell, MA, LLB
Non-executive Chairman

abIn the late 1970s Andrew Bell was a natural resources analyst at Morgan Grenfell & Co. His business experience encompasses periods in fund management and advisory work at financial institutions including Grieveson Grant & Co and Phillips & Drew, corporate finance in Hong Kong, and private equity. Andrew Bell is currently Chairman of Regency Mines plc and Red Rock Resources plc, companies trading on AIM.

Andrew’s primary responsibilities are to sit on and chair the main board of the company and to provides support and advice to the other members of the board.

Callum Baxter, MSc (Ore Deposit Geology), MAIG, MAusIMM
Managing Director / CEO

abCallum Baxter is a geologist with over twenty years global multi-commodity experience and is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. He has developed considerable experience in the natural resources sector as an exploration geologist with companies that include Hunter Exploration NL, Equinox Resources NL and Eagle Mining Corporation NL. Latterly he was a director and principal geologist for Baxter Geological a mineral exploration services and management support consultancy.

He is primarily responsible for carrying out the policies of the board of directors on a day-to-day basis and assist with technical matters.

John Watkins, FCA
Non-executive Director

abJohn Watkins is a chartered accountant and a former partner of Ernst & Young and Neville Russell. He has experience as a public company director, and is finance director of Starvest plc, a substantial shareholder of the Company. Of his directorships, Starvest plc, Regency Mines plc and Red Rock Resources plc are listed on AIM. He is also Chairman of Lisungwe plc, a mineral exploration company traded on Plus.

He is primarily responsible for financial planning, management of financial records and overseeing communication of financial performance and forecasts to the wider community.


Audit Committee
An audit committee, comprising John Watkins and Andrew Bell, has been established since admission in July 2006. The audit committee determines the application of financial reporting and internal control principles, including reviewing the effectiveness of the Enlarged Group’s financial reporting, internal control and risk management procedures and the scope, quality and results of the external audit. The audit committee is chaired by John Watkins.

Remuneration Committee
A remuneration committee, comprising Andrew Bell and John Watkins, has also been established since admission in July 2006. It reviews the performance of the executive directors and sets their remuneration, determines the payment of bonuses to executive directors and considers bonus and option schemes. Each of the executive directors takes no part in discussions concerning their remuneration. The remuneration committee is chaired by Andrew Bell. The remuneration of the non-executive directors is reviewed by the board.