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Drilling approved and set to begin at Greatland’s Ernest Giles project

Greatland Gold plc, the mineral exploration and development company based in Australia, is pleased to announce that it has received Government approvals to begin drilling at its Ernest Giles project.


  • Greatland has received Government approvals to begin drilling gold and nickel targets at Ernest Giles
  • Drill access is established and field crews are preparing to begin drilling


Callum Baxter, CEO, commented: “We are delighted to receive formal Government approvals to drill at several sites within our Ernest Giles project. The project area itself is virtually unexplored because it is covered by desert sands and sediments, making it an exciting prospect. We look forward to updating the market again once drilling has begun.

Ernest Giles Project, Western Australia

The Ernest Giles project is located in central Western Australia, covering an area of 945 square kilometres that includes over 100km of gold and nickel prospective rocks. The area is covered by desert sands and sediments, making it virtually unexplored. The region is home to several successful exploration discoveries such as Tropicana (AngloGold ASX:AGG), which contains over 7 million ounces, and Yamarna (Gold Road Resources ASX:GOR), with over 3.5 million ounces.

As announced on 31 March 2015, Greatland intends to drill several significant gold and nickel targets across the Ernest Giles licences in Q2 2015; Government approvals allow Greatland to go ahead with this drilling. These targets include the exciting surface MMI (mobile metal ion) anomaly at Empress, which peaks at 338ppb Au, and the surface MMI anomaly at Meadows, which peaks at 68ppb Au.[1] Meadows is approximately 400m south of a very significant area of sulphide and gold mineralisation that Greatland intersected during previous drilling. Drilling will also be carried out at the Dromedary structural target in the north of the project area.

Furthermore, we will begin drilling the new Carnegie nickel sulphide target which resembles the size and geophysical signature of the ‘Nova’ discovery by Sirius Resources NL (ASX:SIR). ‘Nova’ is one of the most exciting nickel sulphide discoveries in recent years.

Greatland has received formal government approvals to begin drilling. Drill access at Ernest Giles has been established and field crews are on the ground making further preparations for the arrival of equipment.

The total number of drill holes and metres that will be drilled depend on the results that are obtained and the mineralisation that is intersected. We will begin with four vertical holes, to a depth of 300m. Preliminary results of the drilling will be available approximately four weeks after commencement and Greatland will provide a further update once drilling has begun.


1 [The Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) technique helps locate buried orebodies using surface samples. MMI results above 1ppb are considered significant, results above 10ppb are considered very significant and results above 100ppb are considered exceptional.]

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